Since tape giveaway options 1 and 2 have inspired almost no reaction from our fans and enemies ( i guess you guys hate free stuff) we are adding the easiest option to get a free tape. All entries must be submitted by Friday August 31st. Here is the Nirvana Nevermind contest. 

Below are the lyrics to our new song "Nirvana Nevermind" off our new tape. It is filled with references to songs on Nevermind. They are numbered and what you do is tell us what song each line is referencing. Then send your answers to:

1991 oh what a time. i got nirvana nevermind. all those words i didnt understand. but i finally get it now that i'm a man.

(1)he dont get the songs but he likes to sing along. 

(2)she dont wanna breed but thats not what she means. 

(3)taking your drugs is like taking your religion. 

(4)when he's smelling him he's really smelling
her, she's cheating. 

i got it. took 20 years to understand the crazy words from a crazy man that i never met but i thought i knew well. i'm glad nirvana cd's were the ones i didn't sell. 

(5)he got so high he scratched til he bled. 

(6)me and my friends really are our own tribe. 

(7)look outside nature really is a whore. 

and the back of the album is diseased vaginas.
 and i had forgotten about endless nameless.

(8)....what is endless nameless?

 eight questions. no mail, no drawing, just nirvana knowledge.