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 10/31/2023 Update: Started recording this 11 years ago. It kept getting abandoned. I kept abandoning it. It became what it is. Unfinished. I don't love it. I don't hate it. But I need it out of my life. I need to stop thinking about it. It needs to exist. Does art even exist? Yes. What is it? That's up to each and every one of you. Happy Halloween 2023.

I usually make a solo album about horror movies for Halloween. But I didn't this year. I had already started making a solo album about getting old and your body failing you and death approaching and thinking about how that will impact your loved ones. So that is, as usual, scary enough to fill in for horror movies. It's a little too weird and personal and acoustic to be a V.M.D. album, so I decided to start releasing solo music under the name Jared Jerrod (j-air-id jur-odd) to celebrate the two names that my name gets me called, and to also just have one more terrible name to market my mediocre music under. Here it is, #yodo:

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I did do a Halloween album about horror movies last year, and it was the first time in a few years I was inspired to make one. It's one of my favorites, so I put it on all the streaming sites instead of just on bandcamp. Who knows what will become of bandcamp as it passes through each new owners' hands. Here is that one, Season of the Halloween:

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That takes care of the new music and last year's music. On Halloween-proper I am putting out some old stuff. But sometimes the old stuff is new stuff. You stick around long enough and all the old stuff becomes new again, because everything gets lost in the sands of time. ALL WE ARE IS DUST IN THE WIND...