Nirvana Nevermind Contest Winners!

The Nirvana Nevermind Contest is over and we have two winners:

Chris Denny (not of the early morning talk show like Lil' P thinks)


Matty Sheets

They had to match up our words with the nirvana words we were referencing. And they did...... 

it was like this:

(1)he dont get the songs but he likes to sing along.
In Bloom

(2)she dont wanna breed but thats not what she means.

(3)taking your drugs is like taking your religion.

(4)when he's smelling him he's really smelling
her, she's cheating.
Lounge Act

(5)he got so high he scratched til he bled.
On A Plain

(6)me and my friends really are our own tribe.
Smells Like Teen Spirit

(7)look outside nature really is a whore.
In Bloom

(8)....what is endless nameless?
Secret track on some of the albums.