Dear Friends,

We all moved in together. I got weird. We never practiced. I got good. Then I got weird again. Doug's Donkey Kong Jr. machine broke.We recorded drums and bass at On Pop of the World. That was a long time ago. I'm still weird. I think I'm at my weirdest. Like, weirder than when I saw my grandmother die. That makes a man feel self-centered. But, I'm still a child. I feel worse. But, friends, I'm coming back. The music is coming back. All I want, is to be with my friends and make music. And... fall in love, of course. Or deal with the love I've already fallen in, rather. But I get lost. And I haven't even been leaving my room. The computer I recorded on died. And the files are on a bad drive. But this album is getting recorded. And this 3rd Leeves album will be on vinyl. Meanwhile, Jon fell in love and left the state. They are back home. Doug's Donkey Kong Jr. machine is still broken. But, I do have a new computer. This album needs to 'be'. The Dickwolf album also needs to 'be'. The Instant Regrets album needs to 'be'. So much to record. How do you ever know how much time you have left to do it? But, I'm listening to this. And I finished the Dumpster album. And, I finished the Damn Frank album (which is one of the few things not on the internet.) So albums do happen. Life is ok. At least, for this fleeting moment, life is ok. 'Ok' is better than most things. For tonight, I thank Matty, Katei, and Joanne. Every night I thank you guy's too. I just don't show it. Haven't shown it in a while. (Girls are guys too!) Losing focus. Twilight Zone. I wanted to go to the Ameriglow show. I just saw the meat puppets / soul asylum / shannon and the clams / screaming females / the descendents / hum / gwar / sheer mag / hank wood and the hammerheads / DINOSAUR JR....They made me feel ok. Such a great, wonderful ok. Life can be so incredibly good. Why do I (we) make it so bad?

Jerrod Smith of:

grendle / the std's / "some guy named jared" / live from the basement / englewood ska quartet / heavy metal cowboy /walking dead / dickwolf / v.m.d / instant regrets / futuragheist /... and, my friends, ... THE LEEVES.

post script:

I did my Halloween album this year, and last year, and some other year. I made them available for free instead of my stupid spooky joke price of $666. Music makes things better. And, Doug in this video makes me feel better. And, it makes me happy when I'm lucky enough to be watching these guys in the rain.

post post script:

I just found some scribblings on an envelope the other night and turned it into a real song that night. An anti-love song. An anti-what-i-crave-so-dearly-for song.

....I wanted to post/plug everything...