as the "leader/singer-dude/most-bizarre member" of the leeves, i've always been in charge of the online sales and production and designing and printing side of things and other weird things (including documenting the worst experiences of my life to catchy tunes, panic attacks, procrastination and extreme fear of rejection.) i'm not good at many of these things. the business office for all these professional services has been my hoarder-bedroom with piles of non-sense and complete dishevelment climbing to the ceiling for years. the few random mail-orders that would gratefully trickle in would always be a stat in a hidden often unchecked program which i would always find out about super late. with all my malarkey and no business skills i just find out about the 7-8 orders each year and send out tons of extra stuff when i mess up and neglect things the most. i'm ranting too much.... ***** mail-order and internet electronic orders are starting to ship and some t-shirts from an outdated and ambitious website store system which allowed you to pick any design, and any color, and any size has proven something i should have taken down at least 6 years ago because it was rarely possible to fulfill these custom orders on time and cost effectively with myself in my trash-filled bedroom. but i'm working on the final batch. anyways... ***orders are shipping*** some probably already arriving. custom shirts are just proving more strenuous and frustrating, including my ruining of 12 shirts I made last week. if anyone likes shirts covered in extra paint hollllla! but please be patient, i am just a crazy person sending the one positive thing i did in my life to strangers in hot pocket and penne pasta boxes. thanks for putting up with our antics and still listening and caring. final album session starts soon! really, a truly giiggggggaaaannnntic thank you for still caring about us.